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Feels Good to Feel Good

Many many years ago… when the music business was just a wooden milk crate serving full fat musical protein to the undernourished children of the East India Company’s shrinking empire… when shares in ‘the revolution’ were first floated on Lake capitalism… when musicians played for love, hoping for the odd bowl of lentils, and were content to slept on the amps in the back of an ancient transit van…

Banjaxeld remember those days, and you can hear it in their music.  Original songs that instantly seem kinda familiar, kinda intelligent, kinda mature… the odd select cover that sounds as if the band wrote them!  Not only do they make a great sound, they make your fingers tap and your feet dance, they make your ears tingle and they make your mouth smile!  They’ve been known to induce a damn good night out, and soothe the odd Sunday afternoon.  They’re refreshingly festival friendly too!

Currently based in East Anglia since 2012, they are now blazing trails to London and the South, and soon to the Midlands and the North.  They’ve been attracting interest from much further afield in USA and Europe via radio plays and internet fans, hopefully soon to be followed up by tours.

Banjaxeld have released just the one album ‘Feels Good to Feel Good’, so far (available to order on the ‘album’ tag above), thirteen original tracks, beautifully recorded showcasing the band’s writing and musicianship.  They’re hoping to get the next one recorded soon… watch this space… better still go along and catch then live… and have yourself a real Banjaxeld good time!